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Attila Gyucha

UGA Arch
Assistant Professor

As an anthropological archaeologist, my research focuses on the evolution of nucleated settlements from a cross-cultural and cross-temporal perspective. This research integrates a breadth of theoretical approaches and explores the factors that result in people aggregating permanently in close quarters, the adaptive strategies and innovative resolutions taken to overcome challenges related to population number, density, the social heterogeneity implemented in order to develop and sustain social cohesion and integrity, and the overall social, cultural, and environmental impacts that the development of nucleated sites bring about. Using a multidisciplinary and multiscalar approach and employing hands-on field, remote sensing, and geo-information methodologies, I examine these questions primarily in regard to early farming societies in Southeast Europe. This primary research is complemented by my interest in comparative examinations on sustainability and resilience as those concepts relate to the trajectories of population centers throughout history -- from prehistoric aggregated villages to contemporary megalopolises


PhD, Archaeology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, 2010

Research Areas:
Research Interests:

Aggregation, nucleation, and dispersal

Comparative urban studies

Sustainability and resilience

Early farming societies

Human-environmental interaction

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Settlement pattern analysis

Prehistoric Southeast and Central Europe

Cultural heritage protection and management

Museum studies

Selected Publications:

Gyucha, Attila, William A. Parkinson, and Richard W. Yerkes 2019 The Development of a Neolithic Tell on the Great Hungarian Plain: Site Formation and Use at Szeghalom-Kovácshalom. Journal of Field Archaeology 44 (7):458-479.

Gyucha, Attila (editor) 2019 Coming Together: Comparative Approaches to Population Aggregation and Early Urbanization. The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Distinguished Monography Series, IEMA Proceedings, Volume 8. SUNY Press, Albany.

Gyucha, Attila, Wayne Lee, and Zoltán Rózsa 2019 The Mongol Campaign in Hungary, 1241-1242: The Archaeology and History of Nomadic Conquest and Massacre. The Journal of Military History 83:1021-1066.

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